Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Martial Arts Motion Pictures - Presenting A Heritage Of Natural Talent

The Martial arts movie genre is one of the biggest film genres of all time. China, in particular Hong Kong have directed the way and have continued to be the leaders for making the top martial arts films. Consequently just what exactly constitutes a vintage martial arts motion picture?

We should have a look. The thing about martial arts movies is they are beautiful. Even the old ones simply just improve with time and gain vintage status, whilst some of the new films coming out are usually instant classics. The particular old kind of movies employed fewer special effects such as invisible wiring and CGI and relied entirely on the martial arts skills associated with the actual stars. At the time CGI first grew to be popular, countless Far eastern movie makers were extremely swift to utilize it within their their movies at every opportunity, much to the dismay of many movie goers.

Many of the more recent kung fu films have stopped using CGI and exclusively make use of concealed cables really sparingly for dramatic effect. One of these is the 2008 film 'Ip Man' staring Donny Yen. The film was a showcase for Far eastern forms of martial arts and showcased some traditional story telling. Not surprisingly it acquired lots of rewards at the Hong Kong motion picture awards. Everyone likes diverse types of martial arts film however for me the best martial arts motion pictures are the ones that happen to be set in old China and display just how life was previously within this fascinating nation. The good thing is that there are simply countless martial arts motion pictures available that it would take a whole lifetime to watch.

Most are accessible extremely cheaply as well by way of the net which means building up a vast collection of traditional martial arts movies isn't really a very expensive hobby whatsoever. There are actually thousands and thousands to select from. All of the best Asian kung fu movies are available on VHS, DVD and now BLU-Ray. To select from the largest collection on the net simply just search 'kung fu movies'.

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